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It’s a new year, time to try new things!

A few weeks ago, somewhere before Christmas, a friend asked me if I’d been zentangling everyday. I admitted that I had not. Its been a while since I’d actually done any. Then someone in one of my facebook groups posted about a website www.cre8365.com that challenges people to be creative and create something every day of the year. So I decided that I would try it. I signed up before Christmas so they would send me a reminder email on the 1st. I got the email and promptly procrastinated… that’s right, I forgot to do anything on the 1st of January. So when I realized I’d forgotten I drew 2 zentangles on the 2nd. It’s definitely been a challenge and I’m only eleven days in.  But I’m enjoying it so far. I decided early on that I am not going to limit myself to zentangle, instead I am going to do crafty things that strike my fancy.  Here are the projects I’ve done since starting.

On January 2nd I did two zentangles one for the 1st and one for the 2nd.


On the 3rd I forgot again 🙂 so the fourth I created some sun catchers and a really cool sequin frog. The kit came with a preprinted image, sequins and pins. Basically it was pin by color. It was really fun and worth the $2 I spent for the kit.

IMG_0722IMG_0725 IMG_0726

On the 5th I zentangled again. I was also flying home from Toronto so before I left I decided to abandon my sun catchers. Another facebook group I belong to is called Art Abandonment and the basic idea is that you create art (any kind of art) and then you abandon it somewhere for someone else to find. Then you post a pic with where you left it and if someone in your city wants to look for it they can, or someone can randomly find it. You leave an email address with it and if the finder wants to they can email saying they found it. I haven’t heard anything yet but that’s ok.


On the 6th I did not create any art… I forgot again… so yea I’m not perfect but I’m ok with that 🙂

On the 7th I went back to work and I started a rainbow bracelet. I teach a class after school called lots of knots. The kids are learning to tie friendship bracelets. I started them with a simple 4 string.  Now that we have 4 or 5 classes down I decided to show them something a bit more complicated yet easy enough to do.  So I started a 12 string to show them they can do more. They were very excited and almost all of them wanted to start a bigger bracelet.


On the 8th I got some exciting news that could change what I do at work (its not decided exactly yet so I wont say any more now). I forgot to do anything crafty and when I was still awake unable to sleep at 11:30 PM I got up and made a quick marker drawing. I don’t love it but not everything will be a work of art.


On the 9th I helped some kids at school create a breast cancer charm made of rainbow loom bands. I didn’t think to snap a picture.

On the 10th I thought I did another zentangle,but I can’t find one so I think I might have forgotten. I also got my new tangle a day calendar. It’s got great space everyday to do a little tangle.


Today I created a tangle in my new calendar and I think this blog is kinda creative so I’m counting it too 🙂


It’s been pretty challenging so far but I’ve enjoyed it and hope to continue this new challenge I’ve started.

Latest Crafty/Zentangle Project

Here is my latest crafty/zentangle project. I created a book safe for my phone (so I can read on my phone but it looks like I’m reading a real book). Gator and I found a book at the local thrift store that was a little bigger than my phone. She used Mod Podge to glue all the pages together leaving a few pages in the front and the back unglued. Then we used and X-acto knife to rough cut the pages where we wanted the phone to go. Next we used the Dremel tool to sand out and smooth up the opening. After it was the right size Gator used more Mod Podge to glue the inside where the phone sits. After the book was finished I made an old school book cover out of plain white paper (instead of paper bags we used back in the day), ran it thru the printer to get the turtle templates where I wanted them and finally tangled the cover. I am really pleased with the way it came out. I am thinking I will run out and get some clear contact paper to cover it with but I might get it laminated instead we’ll see.

Whole Book Cover

Whole Book Cover

Front Cover

Front Cover

Inside Book Safe

Inside Book Safe

Back Cover

Back Cover

Tangling Once Again

With the end of the school year, starting a new summer job, moving, and just life getting in the way its been a LONG time since I’ve had time to tangle.  Boy did it feel good to tangle again. I’ve been looking for a while for some templates to tangle in. I’ve been looking for some of the animal patterns from Ben Kwok. I’ve seen his work all over but couldn’t ever find a blank to tangle in. Then one fateful day last week I found it! He has a facebook group where he releases a template every Monday.  I found several that I want to do but decided to start with one for my niece who LOVES all things Zebra.  Somehow I lost his ears a bit but overall I’m happy with the way it turned out. Of course my niece loves it too!


Diva Challenge #155

This weeks challenge from the Diva was to leave a little white space.  This is so hard for me… and apparently lots of other people too.  I always want to fill every space with tangles.  This weekend we headed to a friends house for a birthday so I decided to create a little framed name for her birthday. I left a little (very little) white space.  I used a piece of paper I had water colored some time last week.  Unfortunately it seems my pens didn’t work as well on the water color  and I think I will have to try water coloring AFTER next time.  We will have lots of good food and good fun.  Here is the tangle I did:


and it framed.

Alice Framed


Diva Challenge #154

The Diva is calling this week’s challenge a “Valentangle” where we are to do a tangle inspired by Valentine’s Day.  I have been thinking about this for a few days, trying to decide what I wanted to tangle. The word love, some hearts, blah, blah, same old, same old, nothing was really clicking. Then it hit me! I have always thought it was fun that Arizona became the 48th state on February 14th, 1912 and I have wished people a “Happy Arizona Statehood Day!” for many years. I NEEDED to do an Arizona theme tangle. So I used the state outline and state flag as a string, added some color (the state colors of course) and there you have it! So I wish you a Happy Arizona Statehood Day (OK, OK and a Happy Valentine’s Day too).  🙂


Some Arizona State Symbols:

  • Amphibian – Arizona Tree Frog
  • Bird – Cactus Wren
  • Fish – Apache Trout
  • Flower – Saguaro Cactus Blossom
  • Fossil – Petrified Wood
  • Gemstone – Turquoise
  • Insect (really it’s a butterfly)- Two-tailed Swallowtail
  • Mammal – Ringtail
  • Motto – Ditat Deus (God enriches)
  • Neckwear (yea we have official neckwear) – Bolo Tie
  • Nicknames – Grand Canyon State and lesser known Valentine’s State
  • Reptile – Arizona Ridgenose Rattlesnake
  • Tree – Palo Verde


Diva Challenge #153

This weeks challenge was a UMT (Use My Tangle) where people can submit Tangles they created to be used.  This week was called Jailed Johnny.  I’m not sure how I like this Tangle yet… I did it twice this week and I kind of like it but the jury is still out on this one. Here’s the first one I did:

Jailed Johnny 1

My second try with some color:

Jailed Johnny 2

I also redid last weeks challenge with some of the suggestions and I think I like it.  Here it is:


Diva Challenge #152

This weeks challenge was to use the new Tangle called Aquafleur.  When I first took a look at this Tangle I didn’t think I’d like it at all and was thinking maybe I wouldn’t try this challenge.  However, I decided I had nothing to loose and would try it anyway, and I found that I really like this Tangle. I was surprised. It’s really pretty easy and looks really nice.  These three pictures are of the same Tangle I just added more detail in each one.  I liked the first one, then added some more in the white spaces and REALLY liked it, then added the background and don’t like it as much.  So live and learn I guess… sometimes less really is more.

Tangle 1

Started with a simple black and white stripe which I liked.

Tangle 2

Added a little string of pearls which I REALLY liked.

Tangle 3

Then added a background and do not like at all.

Diva Challenge #151

The Diva who posts all the challenges has a son (who is super cute) with Moebius Syndrome and Friday January 24th, 2014 is this years awareness day.  I had never heard of this until this challenge.  If you would like to learn more check out their website:


This weeks challenge was to use the Moebius Syndrome Foundation’s logo as the string.  The foundation’s color is purple so I chose to do my tangle this week in purple.  I used two tangles one called Chemystery and the other is Miander.  I felt like both these are appropriate plus I enjoy tangling them. 😀

Moebius Syndrom Logo

Diva Challenge #150

This weeks challenge was a one little word challenge.  To pick one little word for a focus this year. Of course the first ones I thought of were love, happiness, health.  Then I remembered thinking, while at the gym, that I wasn’t really going to make any resolutions but I did have one goal this year above and beyond the norm… my goal was to learn to jump. I know it sounds so weird but I’ve been heavy most of my life and certainly my entire adult life and heavy girls don’t jump.  I have been going to a gym (thanks Mom and Dad for the early Christmas present) 5 days a week I walk in the lazy river which is great… I have also been going to a class on Sunday afternoons called Drums Alive.  I LOVE it!!! BUT there is one move we do (well I don’t) that is a step step jump and for the life of me I am not coordinated enough to do the step (or the Charleston) and I want to. So my one little word and goal is to learn to jump! And I know I will!


Diva Challenge #149

This weeks challenge was about the New Year.  Since it was titled  “Twenty-Fourteen” I decided I was going to either use 20 different tangles or fourteen.  Then I started looking at the new pens my nieces received for Christmas and decided I wanted to get some for myself.  So I looked around the web at the brand and lo and behold! they have a 20 piece set.  Perfect! So I used 20 different colors and 14 different tangles to get my “Twenty-Fourteen.”

Here are the new pens I bought:


I really like them a lot!

Here is the tangle I created:

New Year Tangle

Can you spot all “Twenty and Fourteen”?