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Diva Challenge #146

This week’s Diva Challenge was a DuoTangle challenge, to use only the two Tangles Pea-Knuckle and Well.  It was a big challenge for me since I’ve never drawn either of these Tangles.   I decided since Thanksgiving is Thursday that I would do a little Thanksgiving theme.  I didn’t like either Tangle as I started tangling them… but as I finished and started the shading I found that I am thankful I tried them and am liking them better.  I think I’m going to have to start using a different camera since my phone makes the tiles tan instead of white.  However the tile came out cute and I like it a lot.

Turkey Tangle

Retook with my real camera instead of my phone camera. Much happier with the outcome.


Camera Phone pic… turns them tan



  1. Okay!!! That is adorable!! I smiled and giggled when I saw this!! Thank you!! He is so cute and made my day!! Happy Thanksgiving!! :0) Peace be Yours by the way, it’s probably the lighting that makes your page yellow. I take pictures with my phone too but have noticed that it’s the lighting that changes the coloring. Just wanted to share that with you! :0)

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