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Diva Challenge #147

This weeks challenge was a Use My Tangle challenge. The tangle was Boo*Kee.  I really liked the tangle, but I did not like what I did with it.  So I ended up with 3 tiles this week.  The first one I’m calling 9 patch (a quilting reference to a quilt block that has… wait for it… 9 patches, see it’s not just a clever name) I thought it would be really great to use it to separate the blocks of tangles… It wasn’t.


Unfortunately I feel like Boo*Kee just gets lost in the mess and you can hardly tell it’s even in there.  So I created a second tile.  I like it better and you can see Boo*Kee much better in this one… however I hate looking at other challenge participants tiles before I create mine because then all I can think of is how someone else used it and I want to copy that.


So I feel like this is a copy of the tangle that Laura used in the directions even though it is different it still feels copied and so I had to create a third tile.


I like the third tile as Boo*Kee can be seen very well and  I used other tangles that seem more airy and light.  I think it came out pretty good. So this week I ended up with 3 very different tiles. I think my lighting is still off and it makes my tiles tan instead of white but I’m too lazy this week to pull out a real camera or get better lighting… Maybe next week 😀


  1. Annemarie

    You were really busy! The second one is my favorite, but the tird one is beautiful too. The first one is indeed a bit busy, but I love the centre.

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