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Diva Challenge #150

This weeks challenge was a one little word challenge.  To pick one little word for a focus this year. Of course the first ones I thought of were love, happiness, health.  Then I remembered thinking, while at the gym, that I wasn’t really going to make any resolutions but I did have one goal this year above and beyond the norm… my goal was to learn to jump. I know it sounds so weird but I’ve been heavy most of my life and certainly my entire adult life and heavy girls don’t jump.  I have been going to a gym (thanks Mom and Dad for the early Christmas present) 5 days a week I walk in the lazy river which is great… I have also been going to a class on Sunday afternoons called Drums Alive.  I LOVE it!!! BUT there is one move we do (well I don’t) that is a step step jump and for the life of me I am not coordinated enough to do the step (or the Charleston) and I want to. So my one little word and goal is to learn to jump! And I know I will!



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