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Diva Challenge #152

This weeks challenge was to use the new Tangle called Aquafleur.  When I first took a look at this Tangle I didn’t think I’d like it at all and was thinking maybe I wouldn’t try this challenge.  However, I decided I had nothing to loose and would try it anyway, and I found that I really like this Tangle. I was surprised. It’s really pretty easy and looks really nice.  These three pictures are of the same Tangle I just added more detail in each one.  I liked the first one, then added some more in the white spaces and REALLY liked it, then added the background and don’t like it as much.  So live and learn I guess… sometimes less really is more.

Tangle 1

Started with a simple black and white stripe which I liked.

Tangle 2

Added a little string of pearls which I REALLY liked.

Tangle 3

Then added a background and do not like at all.


  1. I like your stage pictures, and I know sometimes you just keep on going, and the endresult is not what you had in mind. Personaly I think you background is great, I should advice you to put some shading around your aquafleur perhaps the flower pops up so that the background isn’t disturbing anymore.

  2. When to stop, boy that’s a tough one, huh? I think they all look good. I was also going to suggest some kind of heavy shading around the Aquafleur to make it pop. I think you’d like it better then. I love the detailing you added on the white.

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