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It’s a new year, time to try new things!

A few weeks ago, somewhere before Christmas, a friend asked me if I’d been zentangling everyday. I admitted that I had not. Its been a while since I’d actually done any. Then someone in one of my facebook groups posted about a website www.cre8365.com that challenges people to be creative and create something every day of the year. So I decided that I would try it. I signed up before Christmas so they would send me a reminder email on the 1st. I got the email and promptly procrastinated… that’s right, I forgot to do anything on the 1st of January. So when I realized I’d forgotten I drew 2 zentangles on the 2nd. It’s definitely been a challenge and I’m only eleven days in.  But I’m enjoying it so far. I decided early on that I am not going to limit myself to zentangle, instead I am going to do crafty things that strike my fancy.  Here are the projects I’ve done since starting.

On January 2nd I did two zentangles one for the 1st and one for the 2nd.


On the 3rd I forgot again 🙂 so the fourth I created some sun catchers and a really cool sequin frog. The kit came with a preprinted image, sequins and pins. Basically it was pin by color. It was really fun and worth the $2 I spent for the kit.

IMG_0722IMG_0725 IMG_0726

On the 5th I zentangled again. I was also flying home from Toronto so before I left I decided to abandon my sun catchers. Another facebook group I belong to is called Art Abandonment and the basic idea is that you create art (any kind of art) and then you abandon it somewhere for someone else to find. Then you post a pic with where you left it and if someone in your city wants to look for it they can, or someone can randomly find it. You leave an email address with it and if the finder wants to they can email saying they found it. I haven’t heard anything yet but that’s ok.


On the 6th I did not create any art… I forgot again… so yea I’m not perfect but I’m ok with that 🙂

On the 7th I went back to work and I started a rainbow bracelet. I teach a class after school called lots of knots. The kids are learning to tie friendship bracelets. I started them with a simple 4 string.  Now that we have 4 or 5 classes down I decided to show them something a bit more complicated yet easy enough to do.  So I started a 12 string to show them they can do more. They were very excited and almost all of them wanted to start a bigger bracelet.


On the 8th I got some exciting news that could change what I do at work (its not decided exactly yet so I wont say any more now). I forgot to do anything crafty and when I was still awake unable to sleep at 11:30 PM I got up and made a quick marker drawing. I don’t love it but not everything will be a work of art.


On the 9th I helped some kids at school create a breast cancer charm made of rainbow loom bands. I didn’t think to snap a picture.

On the 10th I thought I did another zentangle,but I can’t find one so I think I might have forgotten. I also got my new tangle a day calendar. It’s got great space everyday to do a little tangle.


Today I created a tangle in my new calendar and I think this blog is kinda creative so I’m counting it too 🙂


It’s been pretty challenging so far but I’ve enjoyed it and hope to continue this new challenge I’ve started.

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