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Diva Challenge #151

The Diva who posts all the challenges has a son (who is super cute) with Moebius Syndrome and Friday January 24th, 2014 is this years awareness day.  I had never heard of this until this challenge.  If you would like to learn more check out their website:


This weeks challenge was to use the Moebius Syndrome Foundation’s logo as the string.  The foundation’s color is purple so I chose to do my tangle this week in purple.  I used two tangles one called Chemystery and the other is Miander.  I felt like both these are appropriate plus I enjoy tangling them. 😀

Moebius Syndrom Logo

Diva Challenge #150

This weeks challenge was a one little word challenge.  To pick one little word for a focus this year. Of course the first ones I thought of were love, happiness, health.  Then I remembered thinking, while at the gym, that I wasn’t really going to make any resolutions but I did have one goal this year above and beyond the norm… my goal was to learn to jump. I know it sounds so weird but I’ve been heavy most of my life and certainly my entire adult life and heavy girls don’t jump.  I have been going to a gym (thanks Mom and Dad for the early Christmas present) 5 days a week I walk in the lazy river which is great… I have also been going to a class on Sunday afternoons called Drums Alive.  I LOVE it!!! BUT there is one move we do (well I don’t) that is a step step jump and for the life of me I am not coordinated enough to do the step (or the Charleston) and I want to. So my one little word and goal is to learn to jump! And I know I will!


Diva Challenge #149

This weeks challenge was about the New Year.  Since it was titled  “Twenty-Fourteen” I decided I was going to either use 20 different tangles or fourteen.  Then I started looking at the new pens my nieces received for Christmas and decided I wanted to get some for myself.  So I looked around the web at the brand and lo and behold! they have a 20 piece set.  Perfect! So I used 20 different colors and 14 different tangles to get my “Twenty-Fourteen.”

Here are the new pens I bought:


I really like them a lot!

Here is the tangle I created:

New Year Tangle

Can you spot all “Twenty and Fourteen”?

Diva Challenge #148

So this post is a little late… But since the Diva isn’t posting any more challenges for the rest of 2013 I guess I’m ok. The Challenge was to create a piece or tile for your own holidays. I created this tangle a few weeks ago, but have not been too motivated to post it.  I was also waiting for my niece who also created a tangle for the challenge so I could post hers along with mine… but she seems to have lost it so no more procrastinating! I MUST post this :D.  Hope you had a Very Merry Christmas and an equally terrific New Years!

Christmas Tangle

Diva Challenge #147

This weeks challenge was a Use My Tangle challenge. The tangle was Boo*Kee.  I really liked the tangle, but I did not like what I did with it.  So I ended up with 3 tiles this week.  The first one I’m calling 9 patch (a quilting reference to a quilt block that has… wait for it… 9 patches, see it’s not just a clever name) I thought it would be really great to use it to separate the blocks of tangles… It wasn’t.


Unfortunately I feel like Boo*Kee just gets lost in the mess and you can hardly tell it’s even in there.  So I created a second tile.  I like it better and you can see Boo*Kee much better in this one… however I hate looking at other challenge participants tiles before I create mine because then all I can think of is how someone else used it and I want to copy that.


So I feel like this is a copy of the tangle that Laura used in the directions even though it is different it still feels copied and so I had to create a third tile.


I like the third tile as Boo*Kee can be seen very well and  I used other tangles that seem more airy and light.  I think it came out pretty good. So this week I ended up with 3 very different tiles. I think my lighting is still off and it makes my tiles tan instead of white but I’m too lazy this week to pull out a real camera or get better lighting… Maybe next week 😀

Diva Challenge #146

This week’s Diva Challenge was a DuoTangle challenge, to use only the two Tangles Pea-Knuckle and Well.  It was a big challenge for me since I’ve never drawn either of these Tangles.   I decided since Thanksgiving is Thursday that I would do a little Thanksgiving theme.  I didn’t like either Tangle as I started tangling them… but as I finished and started the shading I found that I am thankful I tried them and am liking them better.  I think I’m going to have to start using a different camera since my phone makes the tiles tan instead of white.  However the tile came out cute and I like it a lot.

Turkey Tangle

Retook with my real camera instead of my phone camera. Much happier with the outcome.


Camera Phone pic… turns them tan


Auction Time

It’s that time of year again.  My nieces’ school is having their annual auction to raise money for their school.  This year I put up two sets of framed leaves that I tangled on.  One set has dark frames and the other has light frames. I think they came out pretty awesome.  Check out the auction site at http://www.oursilentauction.com/   There are lots of things up for auction including an African Safari!!


Diva Challenge #144


This weeks challenge is to create a tile inspired by nature, camouflage a bug somewhere in the tile, and to also add some color.  Since I am still new to Zentangle I haven’t really dabbled in color, yet!  But inspired by nature I can do.  I tangled on a real leaf and also a butterfly. It sure was fun to do!