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  1. Okay!!! That is adorable!! I smiled and giggled when I saw this!! Thank you!! He is so cute and made my day!! Happy Thanksgiving!! :0) Peace be Yours by the way, it’s probably the lighting that makes your page yellow. I take pictures with my phone too but have noticed that it’s the lighting that changes the coloring. Just wanted to share that with you! :0)

  2. Annemarie

    You were really busy! The second one is my favorite, but the tird one is beautiful too. The first one is indeed a bit busy, but I love the centre.

  3. Creative idea. Not sure I would have been able to keep track unless I planned it all out ahead of time. Twenty colors is a lot. How do you like the pens. I have heard of them but not seen any in the stores around here.

    • AnnaGee

      I LOVE them… they are a 0.3mm fine point which is a bit smaller than the 0.5mm I typically use.. but they are very smooth, drys pretty quick and comes with a built in stand/case. My nieces both got a smaller 10 pack that my Sis-in-law found at Michaels. I bought my 20 pack at Office Depot. But I googled the name and you can get them on Amazon. I just didn’t want to wait for shipping. 😀

  4. I like your stage pictures, and I know sometimes you just keep on going, and the endresult is not what you had in mind. Personaly I think you background is great, I should advice you to put some shading around your aquafleur perhaps the flower pops up so that the background isn’t disturbing anymore.

  5. When to stop, boy that’s a tough one, huh? I think they all look good. I was also going to suggest some kind of heavy shading around the Aquafleur to make it pop. I think you’d like it better then. I love the detailing you added on the white.

  6. Emily Perkins

    I really like your pieces. The aquafleur is really fun. I really like the other tangles that you put with them too. You have a very fun style.